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LispNyc: Check out this recording of a presentation on “Probability Multivariate Models”, led by @pierredelacaze! https://t.co/OVFMQY1Krw
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Interesting how @phanaero incorporates choice into the design of @MutualKnowledge’s #blockchain domain-pacific programming…
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Learn more about Gerbil Scheme, the language from which @MutualKnowledge #Glow is built. Information can be found in our @…
UK regulator set to block Meta's Giphy deal
LispNyc: We’re proud to share the @Interlisp8 annual report! https://t.co/tH5uWAkq8z @masinter
Tim Bradshaw: The endless droning: corrections and clarifications
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Many thanks to @MutualKnowledge for reminding developers of the severity of bugs in decentralized applications in the #Glo…
vindarel: Lisp for the web: pagination and cleaning up HTML with LQuery
Stelian Ionescu: On New IDEs
LispNyc: Happy Friday. We encourage you to check out the @Interlisp8 wiki! https://t.co/5fAF8WDt6Q @masinter
Tim Bradshaw: The endless droning
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Encouraging developers to start hacking away at @MutualKnowledge #Glow #blockchain DSL. Learn how on our @github repo! htt…
Wimpie Nortje: Set up Verbose for multi-threaded standalone applications.
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Note how the @MutualKnowledge #Glow installation process involves the use of @nixos_org to simplify dependencies for devel…
How to help GNU Emacs maintainers?
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Encouraging #blockchain developers to learn how @MutualKnowledge #Glow includes auditing capabilities for functionality yo…
LispNyc: RT @FutureAda: The latest The Future Ada Daily News! https://t.co/SQyKyHHMi1 Thanks to @F5Careers @Adriana41013356 @carloslopez_pr #womenin…
Asmrepl: REPL for x86 Assembly Language
How LambdaMART Works
Eitaro Fukamachi: Day 2: Roswell: Install libraries/applications
LispNyc: RT @Interlisp8: https://t.co/ffi0Q2Posi has links to other available documents too.
From ClojureScript to JavaScript&rust; 4x smaller, 50x faster
LispNyc: RT @MutualKnowledge: A reflection by our lead architect and CEO, about programming languages and software architecture. We hope this can h…
LispNyc: RT @MutualKnowledge: ‍‍ The second module, taught by Alex Plotnick, has been released just now There are also assignments for those o…
Tim Bradshaw: The proper use of macros in Lisp
LispNyc: RT @phanaero: One principle I try hard to follow as I design the Glow language, and software in general: “Always design a thing by conside…
LispNyc: Join our global community for tomorrow’s “Hallowlisp” social! https://t.co/q2tz2aRpyv
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: A reminder to join us for tomorrow's @LispNYC "Hallowlisp" social! https://t.co/gl6TlhgexQ
Nicolas Hafner: GIC, Digital Dragons, and more - November Kandria Update
LispNyc: We encourage all community members to participate in, and spread the word about @hacktoberfest. https://t.co/YByyiYzt5Q #OpenSource

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

Providing parentheses to NYC since 2002