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SushiDude: RT @k8em0: Time to remind folks what Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure is all about, since both the affected vendor & the bug bounty pla…
LispNyc: @zbraiterman @owasp @XSEDECC @techtranseco @semioticsweb @XRSIdotorg @askcyberinfra @dosourcenotcode has lots to sa… https://t.co/Z6cyxj9IAK
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: A value system distunguisges the “Free Software” movement from open source software... That said, LOVE community. Thank yo…
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Great to see @aeonmag recognize the ingenuity and relevance of #CharlesSandersPeirce! https://t.co/KKDKqhBNAZ @semioticswe…
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Ain’t no party like a @LispNYC cause the party don’t stop!
LispNyc: Cheers to Vegas hackers at @BSidesLV, now @defcon! @zbraiterman @SushiDude @aivillage_dc
Lispers.de: Berlin Lispers Meetup, Monday, 26th August 2019
Nicolas Hafner: The End of Daily Gamedev - Confession 87
SushiDude: RT @RichCyberSec: About a year and a half ago a certain popular security conference was called out for having little to no diversity among…
Vsevolod Dyomkin: Programming Algorithms: Linked Lists
LispNyc: RT @ylecun: The Turing Lecture delivered by Geoff Hinton and me in Phoenix on June 23rd is now available. Video: https://t.co/QEKZQMYMWR S…
LispNyc: Another interesting parallel between music and programming via @mitpress: https://t.co/TVAN6vzlof @IEEEorg
Quicklisp news: August 2019 Quicklisp dist update now available
LispNyc: There’s an open community for #MusicTheory, too! https://t.co/zBDpxby5mh
Nicolas Hafner: An Extensible Particle System - Gamedev
LispNyc: Join the community on Tuesday, August 13, for geeking out and jazz at Patrick’s Place in Harlem:… https://t.co/H4Nhaz7ovV
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: @ClojureBridge builds #DiversityandInclusion efforts by means via #functionalprogramming education. Honored to support and…
Vsevolod Dyomkin: Programming Algorithms: Data Structures
LispNyc: A wonderful summer rooftop gathering among the functional programming community ⁦@aaronchall⁩ ⁦@evx001⁩ ⁦… https://t.co/uvYFOH61Kp
LispNyc: We are glad to lead the #Lisp programming community in the same city as @ylecun, @nyuniversity Professor, whose wor… https://t.co/xVe6r2vp06
Lispers.de: Lisp-Meetup in Hamburg on Monday, 5th August 2019
Christophe Rhodes: holiday hacking swankr
Vsevolod Dyomkin: Programming Algorithms: A Crash Course in Lisp
LispNyc: RT @aesundstrom: I'm looking forward to reading Samantha's new edited volume. https://t.co/mPu79mAHvT
LispNyc: RT @HansHuebner: I'll be giving my "Reanimating VAX LISP" presentation at the @LispNYC meetup on May 14th - https://t.co/tKp9N1toWr
Jose_A_Alonso: RT @MarkusSchacher: #Prolog is Techno - very simple base rhythm, but extremely powerful output. https://t.co/lfk36xdkpV
Lispegistus: Ok, apart from a non-zero amount of dumps being on fire right now, I think there were multiple independent corpses… https://t.co/66709OQo4w
headius: I realized today how shockingly fast we got Rails running back in 2006. From a functional-but-limited version of JR… https://t.co/tMPs5knYrq
reddit_lisp: #Common_Lisp ruricolist/cl-shlex: Simple lexical analyzer for shell-like syntaxes | https://t.co/DF3BjXeASN
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Is Neanderthal compatible with Ryzen CPU | https://t.co/BdDplea0fP

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

Providing parentheses to NYC since 2002