Lisp News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print. News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print.The ability to train big models is not a moat. Anyone with enough budget can replicate your model in a matter of mo… @gabrielpeyre: With @joanbruna we are organizing a conference to celebrate Stéphane Mallat's 60th birthday. It will be in IHES near Pari… crucially, I don't think being a provider of AI as a service will be a huge business. It will be a decent-size… @adamwarski: My keynote from Functional Scala 2022 is now online! What's an effect? What's an effect system? Why would one consider usin… @robustus: Nuclear power is magic. Get two pieces of special metal physically close enough, and they get hot enough to run a massive tur… @aarroyoca: Production Prolog by Michael Hendricks was one of the first ones I saw and deeply inspired me Is Clojure indeed unsuitable for beginners, as the 10 year keynote audience poll suggests? Genuinely curio… Thought's on react libraries | ClojureHaxe |'ve commented a bit on the metafilter discussion of the ADS-B Exchange sale. Programming the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins using Common Lisp? | kushidesign/kushi: Styling in ClojureScript | #clojure #clojure-repl release: now HOP deploys on-premises too Discussions: #clojure #programming Who is hiring? January 31, 2023 | DataScript: How to find out which datoms are present in the result set? | @pragyanatvade: Programming languages I have tried: ♦️ C ♦️ CPP ♦️ Python ♦️ Go ♦️ Javascript ♦️ Clojure Since Clojure, I haven't lo… New release: now HOP deploys on-premises too | com a configuração do ambiente dev de #clojure, ta na hora de instalar o #Leiningen… #clojure #response Flexport is hiring Senior Staff Software Engineer Bellevue, WA #react #reactjs #clojure #postgresql…'s never to early to learn emerging tech! #Clojure #MachineLearning #AI job: Software Engineer at gini [@gini_finance] #RemoteWork #HongKong #clojure #aws #wfh now comes with a leiningen plugin to automatically sync your project.clj to a deps.edn:… is searching for: Functional/#clojure developer #RemoteWork #Geneva #kafka #kubernetes #remote @ClojureStream #babashka workshop hosted by contributor and power user @lispyclouds will take place at: 4 Mar… first newsletter of 2023 is coming out soon! Stay updated on topics such as #Clojure, #ProductManagement,…'t miss out on this opportunity to level up your mobile app development skills with Clojure. Sign up now before… exciting update from @masinter and the @Interlisp8 team!お? cljfmt が babashka で動くようになるかもしれない? #clojure knock Who’s there? I’m there Lambduhh is where? POLAND FOR @LambdaDays ! June 5-6 Be there or be square ▫️ #Clojure What is your Clojure development setup? | #hashmap #etl Observation: Function Arity in Clojure Discussions: #clojure #programming you want to still manage your project with lein, but also want to give your users the ability to use it from dep… @draganrocks: Elegance and speed at the same time? Sounds fantastic! NO. It's just slow Tuesday in #Clojure land. Check it out at https:… question: Need help using Slurp & JSON #clojure AOT compile a Clojure namespace from | has ruined me. All the code I write in any other language looks ugly because I don't have the threading ma… Do you guys work with other languages? | @bitsikka: @0xtkgshn Recommend watching Rich Hickey's talks like the following; Checking out his dialect of lisp - #Clojure; And connect… in Vim hits different! Reasoning about your code in form gives a whole new meaning to "code shape" than re… UIx v0.8.1 | & Scheme recap for week 4/2023 #clojure #lisp #programming #racket #scheme Get RSS… S wie Single Page Apps In dieser Folge Clojure-Alphabets beschäftigen sich die Clojure-Experten Ingo Küpe… #clojure #control-flow New in version 2.3.1 Discussions: #lisp #programming Primer on Clojure Macros Discussions: #clojure #programming by @janetacarr to configure the number of lists recently used #github #Clojure #TypeScript #JavaScript… Code Observation: Function Arity in Clojure | 0.2.3 is out! A light-weight static blog engine for #clojure and #babashka! SBCL: New in version 2.3.1 | @Interlisp8: Thinking about a combined timeline @Interlisp8: Lots happening, check it out. Help with the Scheme compiler provided in LISP from nothing. | @HNTweets: My Encounter with Medley Interlisp: Comments: @LispDiscussions: Carp – a statically typed, non-GC Lisp language Discussions: #emacs… Martyanoff: Custom Common Lisp indentation in Emacs Carp - If Clojure and Rust Had A Baby | review: "An Accessible Introduction to Common Lisp and Functional Programming" (2015)… @LispDiscussions: Trying to build an android application with SBCL [help wanted] Discussions:… Method Combinations Martyanoff: ANSI color rendering in SLIME DevOps Engineer | HRL Laboratories | Malibu, CA Martyanoff: Switching between implementations with SLIME Bradshaw: A case-like macro for regular expressions Hafner: Kandria is now out! Hafner: Kandria launches tomorrow! These Years in Common Lisp: 2022 in review Martyanoff: Improving Git diffs for Lisp you to join us on Tuesday (January 12) for our next social meetup. you to check out the @Interlisp8 2022 Annual Report. you to join us tomorrow (Tuesday, December 13) for this year’s Lispukkah 2022 virtual holiday party! @zbraiterman: Check out this @LinkedIn article on Breakneck Babashka on @kubernetesio by #Clojure / functional programming expert, @heo… out this opportunity to work through Lisp in Small Pieces, along with @chrishouser! you to check out @pierredelacaze’s session on recommender systems. us on Tuesday (April 12) for our next social event. #AprilFoolsDay! Proudly sharing RFC 2324, “Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol”. M… remind you to check out recordings from @pierredelacaze’s Probabilistic Machine Learning reading group sessions… #PiDay! us for our @YouTube livestream of “A Tale of 2 Lisps” today at 6:10pm (EST). #InternationalWomensDay! Sharing fond memories of ⁦@ClojureBridge⁩ 2007 team! us on Tuesday, March 8th, for a “A Tale of Two Lisps” (MakerLisp and ChiaLisp): @zbraiterman: Check out this @MutualKnowledge #Glow UI demo by your CTO, Alex Plotnick, on our @YouTube channel! out this presentation on Neural Networks for Sequences, led by @pierredelacaze! presentation slides/blog/acheron/lispnyc-presentation-slidesLISP: Judges and Sponsorships/blog/heow/lisp-judges-and-sponsorshipsThe Inverse of A Famous Equation/blog/lisppets/the-inverse-of-a-famous-equationExpected Blog Contents/blog/cfield/expected-blog-contentsSummer of Code 2012/blog/default/summer-of-code-2012The clojure web-dev ecosystem just gets better and better/blog/brian/the-clojure-webdev-ecosystem-just-gets-better-and-better(((earthquake!)))/blog/euske/earthquakeA tour of the Clojure landscape/blog/ericlavigne/a-tour-of-the-clojure-landscape