Lisp News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print. News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print.RT @metalgearobama: Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite frauds. A “public intellectual” with no qualifications for being one, writing on… @d_christiansen: Chapter 2 of "Functional Programming in Lean" has been released! It covers "Hello world", programming with side effects… @MarisaVeryMoe: status: slowly converting a lisper to a haskeller... checks if it's weekend twitter still /me notes time is 10:38 PM local Sunday <-- yep. /me retweets 'cuz AI Co… @jde5011: @sargonas It's only AI if it comes from the AI region of France. Otherwise it's just sparkling automaton. Simple web application demo exposing Open Weather API | forgot about the multiple references to pascal in the program, as if anything in a Windows clang program has anyt… Format string not being shown before read | Opportunity Remote Senior Software Engineer Doccla £70K - 110K ️ Work with Clojure, Java & React Che… Remote Senior Software Engineer - £70K - 110K Check out this role working with Clojure, Java & React Apply now!… I publicly released a #Clojure implementation of URI Template (RFC 6570). No dependencies, #babashka compatib… is looking for: Staff Engineer (Tech Lead) #RemoteWork #remote #clojure #docker Once you meet wiht it, there is no turning back | & video of the #Clojure #visualtools meeting about #Oz. Many thanks to @metasoarous for the mind-opening p… @PicoLispREPL: Combine a list of 4 bytes into a 32-bit number: : (sum >> (-24 -16 -8 0) (127 3 4 255)) -> 2130904319 : (hex @) -> "7F03… GitHub - HealthSamurai/prometheus.clj: Pure clojure prometheus library |\\r returns in Discussions: #clojure #programming How to convert code from imperative to functional? | released vim-iced ver 3.10.3, Clojure Interactive Development Environment for Vim8/Neovim. #vim #clojure I'm sponsoring @pappapez because I use Calva every day with VS Code for all my OSS project work! #clojure @ClojureDays: Less than 10 days remaining before our Call for Paper ends. Time to round up your talk proposal and submit it right away!… respect for @skuro, organizing @ClojureDays mostly by himself this year or it wouldn't have happened. Also… I would still prefer c/c++/#Haskell or #Clojure, as my focus is on paradigm (structural/OO/Functiona… @ClojureDays: Lo and behold! Fresh from the press, our opening speaker is just published, @nikitonsky will set the stage with his talk "… #Scheme URL shortener This link will open corrected R7RS spec #lisp #programming job: Full Stack Developer at DNV [@DNV_Group] in #Trondheim #clojure #kubernetes #Norway @lobsters: shadow-css: CSS-in-CLJ(S) via @_tomekw #clojure @PicoLispREPL: Get current terminal size: (sysdefs "terminal") : (%@ "ioctl" 'I 1 TIOCGWINSZ '(Win (`winsize W W W W))) -> 0 : Win ->… @marciofrayze: Faltam só 4 pessoas para conseguir atingir 300 estudantes inscritos no curso! Bora estudar #Clojure e Programação Funcio… data structures are coming into JavaScript Discussions:…⚡ Want to be a Senior #Clojure Engineer at Swing Education [@swingedu] working remotely? finished my little "add special Guides to GIMP" project. Fun with #scheme #LISP. @vencabot lemme know if you… @LispDiscussions: ClojureStream is changing -- new pricing Discussions: #clojure #pro… is changing -- new pricing Discussions: #clojure… config see: #clojure #clojure2d #generative How does closh handle long outputs? | @thelittlelisper: The Ultimate Lisp Machine: #Lisp @Endless_WebDev: In so many ways tech is catching up with #Clojure: JavaScript getting some immutability, React improving hot-loading an… @LUHE_Daniel: ‍‍ #curso #online de introducción a #programming con #Clojure a ~976 CLP #Chile hasta el 11… Hafner: Return to Development - August Kandria Update, a web server written in Common Lisp Discussions: #lisp #programming problemi con intelligenza (artificiale) / Artificial Intelligence #Physics #ArtificialIntelligence #Lisp History Interview with John McCarthy (1989) via @susam #pdf #lispの記事だ!こらからLispを始める人はどのくらいいるのだろうか #Lisp #Scheme > 究極のスキルアップ!プログラマーのあこがれ言語「Lisp」を始めよう @PicoLispREPL: Generate long random number with 'N' bits: (de longRand (N) (& (in "/dev/urandom" (rd (/ (+ N 7) 8))) (de… a need to write some Scheme in the wild. #lisp This will grow into a more powerful generalized form that'll mak… @PicoLispREPL: Build a string with a period after numbers and a comma otherwise: : (pack (mapcon '(((X . L)) (cons X… #Scheme #r7rs The most highload Ol memory test: a two-layer ann learner with mnist digits data (pixels in pi… Marshall: Let's Play Wordle Kardan: 40. My Face On YouTube — Is That A Good Idea? Marshall: Named Lambda and Named Let Bradshaw: Two simple pattern matchers for Common Lisp Senior Common Lisp Developer | 3E | Remote (with some travel to Brussels) A tale of two abstractions Marshall: Let's talk to GitHub Jacobsen: Tests by Example in Clojure and Common Lisp Kardan: 39. Metaprogramming, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Let The Computer Write Code @zbraiterman: Check out this @LinkedIn article on Breakneck Babashka on @kubernetesio by #Clojure / functional programming expert, @heo… out this opportunity to work through Lisp in Small Pieces, along with @chrishouser! you to check out @pierredelacaze’s session on recommender systems. us on Tuesday (April 12) for our next social event. #AprilFoolsDay! Proudly sharing RFC 2324, “Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol”. M… remind you to check out recordings from @pierredelacaze’s Probabilistic Machine Learning reading group sessions… #PiDay! us for our @YouTube livestream of “A Tale of 2 Lisps” today at 6:10pm (EST). #InternationalWomensDay! Sharing fond memories of ⁦@ClojureBridge⁩ 2007 team! us on Tuesday, March 8th, for a “A Tale of Two Lisps” (MakerLisp and ChiaLisp): @zbraiterman: Check out this @MutualKnowledge #Glow UI demo by your CTO, Alex Plotnick, on our @YouTube channel! out this presentation on Neural Networks for Sequences, led by @pierredelacaze! @zbraiterman: The "functional Kool-Aid... has no side effects".’re thrilled to share the @Interlisp8 annual report! It was an honor having @masinter spe… you to check the Clojure London YouTube channel for recordings of re:Clojure talks!… you to check out re:Clojure conference, taking place December 3-4, 2021. Gerald J. Sussman and Stephen… out this recording of a presentation on “Probability Multivariate Models”, led by @pierredelacaze! @zbraiterman: Learn more about Gerbil Scheme, the language from which @MutualKnowledge #Glow is built. Information can be found in our @…’re proud to share the @Interlisp8 annual report! @masinter presentation slides/blog/acheron/lispnyc-presentation-slidesLISP: Judges and Sponsorships/blog/heow/lisp-judges-and-sponsorshipsThe Inverse of A Famous Equation/blog/lisppets/the-inverse-of-a-famous-equationExpected Blog Contents/blog/cfield/expected-blog-contentsSummer of Code 2012/blog/default/summer-of-code-2012The clojure web-dev ecosystem just gets better and better/blog/brian/the-clojure-webdev-ecosystem-just-gets-better-and-better(((earthquake!)))/blog/euske/earthquakeA tour of the Clojure landscape/blog/ericlavigne/a-tour-of-the-clojure-landscape