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A single cell slime mold makes decisions without a central nervous system
Eric Timmons: Static Executables with SBCL v2
Max-Gerd Retzlaff: "Curl/Wget for uLisp"
Or: An HTTP(s) get/post/put function for uLisp
LispNyc: Join #ScottOstler today at 6pm (EST) for a talk on https://t.co/IaRdTZGKKi. https://t.co/KGyOnxvZzJ
Max-Gerd Retzlaff: Again more features for uLisp on M5Stack (ESP32):
time via NTP, lispstring without escaping and more space
Catfish Charlie, the CIA’s Robotic Spy
Tycho Garen : Programming in the Common Lisp Ecosystem
LispNyc: RT @paddy_mullen: @LispNYC
Max-Gerd Retzlaff: More features for uLisp on M5Stack (ESP32):
flash support, muting of the speaker and backlight control
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: @fare @SushiDude @sirocyl @MattAlhonte @semioticsweb @heowbert @pierredelacaze @tonyfischetti
seancorfield: org.clojure/tools.cli 1.0.206 #clojure command-line argument processing https://t.co/litCsoDIB9 - improvements in o… https://t.co/Wg4RrzWypD
LispNyc: Call for speakers around the globe for our upcoming meetups! If you’re interested, please DM us, or email arthur@li… https://t.co/hfnaM2LYtb
seancorfield: Represent #clojure ! https://t.co/opECxNpHEw
Quicklisp news: New Quicklisp client available
Jose_A_Alonso: How I use Dante. https://t.co/AUvzzzmyBX #Haskell #FunctionalProgramming #Emacs
#Scheme ,#Prolog に引き続いて #Python のREPLデモ映像も作ろうかと思ってるんだけど,コアとなるサンプル記述はこれかなあ.リスト内包表記が外せないのは確かなんだけど. #プログラミング https://t.co/AX9PFdELXu
New question: Tools.cli :validate: provide function of invalid value in addition to fixed string https://t.co/RevcNLDjHc #clojure
You can even use multi method dispatch like #Clojure , with typeclass : Boolean
#Clojure has a "maintainer-needed" status in #Gentoo if anybody is interested in picking it up https://t.co/FGtDJdtWs6
RT @dawranliou: I don't often find cider-scratch to be useful in my day-to-day workflow but today I find it useful as my REPL-driven develo…
#Clojure How I use Conjure and Neovim to interact with Clojure (and more!) | https://t.co/qwxsvAOkgX
Empresa liberou umas licenças da @AluraOnline e estou fazendo os cursos de #Clojure do @guilhermecaelum. Incrível… https://t.co/jnoJsrxtgT
New question: Please add dispatch-fn to clojure.core https://t.co/YcoIuxmGMu #clojure
#Clojure Six approaches to dependency injection - Scott Wlaschin | https://t.co/s3H7YJUpfc
for config see: https://t.co/oPDog0LI2w #clojure #clojure2d #generative
As part of a cross-functional team, design, develop, test and support new features for https://t.co/HiWmZOby8J Che… https://t.co/M1FirMIwiM
Remote Senior Backend Developer (Clojure) with a competitive salary Were looking for a backend Senior Developer w… https://t.co/omx8QsqDgH
Today I'm excited to speak at @graalcgo about #babashka and other @graalvm-related #clojure adventures! #graalvm https://t.co/b9pzCNtPba
RT @borkdude: #clojure #lsp find definition also works for locals. https://t.co/5MCky5PPTv
RT @reddit_lisp: #scheme What is your goto implementation ? | https://t.co/jIEqCqiz86

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