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p4bl0: Le néolibéralisme en pleine action : la régulation c'est mal sauf quand c'est pour artificiellement rendre moins fa… https://t.co/168hiwhhru
Show HN: I built four eight-foot-long handwriting robots
Eric Timmons: CLPM 0.4.0 released
LispNyc: RT @MutualKnowledge: ‍‍ Fancy learning our Glow language? ‍‍Our team is soon going to teach you! Our MOOC will be live on septe…
Nicolas Hafner: 0.2.2 Demo Release, Gamescom & more - September Kandria Update
LispNyc: RT @phanaero: "Safe Cross-Chain Contract Interactions" https://t.co/HozJmQgyG3 Why CALLing EVM contracts from other chains or shards is a *…
Eric Timmons: Toward a New CL Project Index
LispNyc: RT @MutualKnowledge: Quite a long article today: our analysis of a potential security flaw that looks, at a first glance, like a safe desig…
Eric Timmons: CLPM 0.4.0-rc.1 Available
LispNyc: RT @phanaero: After @MutualKnowledge sells AVOUM (Account-View-On-UTXO-Model) to all UTXO blockchains, we'll sell UTUAB (UTXO-Tracking-Unde…
Zerotier – multiple vulnerabilities lead to private network access
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Vlojure - A New Way to Write ClojureScript | https://t.co/QEMQSxO5EH
Joe Marshall: Tail recursion and fold-left
zbraiterman: RT @barriers_in: We are super excited for this #nonprofit Networking Hour with @DayOfShecurity Fall Conference 2021!
j2bryson: Given that AI is an extension of corporate agency, this is also super relevant to #AIEthics #AILaw https://t.co/wkeHlyDlEq
reddit_lisp: #lisp Why lists? | https://t.co/LxBwLBS7q4
reddit_lisp: #lisp Trying Fennel for GTK apps and it's surprisingly good | https://t.co/F8Z9gGd6lM
reddit_lisp: #Common_Lisp Image classification in CL? Help with starting point | https://t.co/pEdtoFsSPV
fogus: @bigthingist I’ve read all of the Lisp books but still need to track down more LISP books.
月初に買った馬場さんの本、今日よむ。 #clojure #clojurescript https://t.co/oQT04tovZH
Back End Developer with competitive compensation in Dallas Check out this role working with Clojure #dallas… https://t.co/D0BbNGtt5B
I've been working on a cool little #ClojureScript app for a month or two now, and it's finally ready for an initial… https://t.co/AmLqlQacHs
Joe Marshall: A Floating-point Problem
stress testing #Clojure web servers https://t.co/u5ew3mm7Xd
accessing Clojure's thread-first macro arguments https://t.co/15q18C4HNZ #functionalprogramming #clojure https://t.co/yrflIKI5QT
Comparing @pagliaccipizza prices with #Clojure The large is ~1.6-1.75x more pizza per dollar. https://t.co/rTdMnp7KbZ
With #Clojure, none of this exists as all the data structures are immutable. This language choice makes it hard for… https://t.co/okjOgwHRk9
#lisp Source of SICP's cover art | https://t.co/GUlNZkQRCD
@NanouuSymeon lol, luxury should be being healthy, have a family, enjoy the sunset and the rain! And do #clojure too! :P
@SimonHoiberg I'm putting the effort to make #Clojure more known around. It's functional, well baked, has interop w… https://t.co/MF3IY7gmBd

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