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Lispegistus: RT @VesselOfSpirit: they program an ai to maximize kg of paperclips so it travels to paris disguised as a human and annihilates the referen…
lisperati: RT @dreev: @danieldrehmer @ESYudkowsky @neiltyson Eliezer convinced Neil deGrasse Tyson that you can’t keep superintelligent AI in a box. H…
McCLIM: McCLIM 0.9.7 "Imbolc" release
Nicolas Hafner: Shader Pipelines and Effects - Gamedev
gigasquid: Sneak peek at defining an MNIST network in the MXNET clojure package https://t.co/HwlDImhvhL
swannodette: .@clojureSYNC was a lovely conference and New Orleans an amazing city! Thanks @ericnormand and everyone else that made it happen
TurtleWare: cl-charms crash course
Zach Beane: Planet Lisp is back on twitter
swannodette: It’s not everyday you can have a friendly chat with Sussman right before he goes off to check out LIGO #ClojureSYNC
Nicolas Hafner: Integrating Shaders and Objects - Gamedev
planetclojure: Transducer's init not called https://t.co/NViMZ4twuK #SO #clojure
HexstreamSoft: RT @HexstreamSoft: @Ngnghm Sorry to hear it. That page is #8 on google for "clos mop" without the quotes, so I was hoping to inherit some g…
Quicklisp news: Download stats for January, 2018
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Should Clojure have a #date tag? And concerns with JDBC abstractions... | https://t.co/FHKea2JBSS
HexstreamSoft: I guess we in the Common Lisp community also have an Entropy Problem.
planetclojure: What Leiningen path can't Cursive locate? (IntelliJ Clojure IDE) https://t.co/KDUCRkYB9Z #SO #clojure
#scheme Mature and maintained Scheme or Common Lisp compiler to stand-alone native-code executables on Windo... | https://t.co/di8mjsI9b5
RT @spartansebos: I made a small command line tool in #Clojure to access the @NHM_Digitise database API :D https://t.co/Ij2hqkkrZN Hope som…
RT @DomKM: Hey #clojure friends, @LilyMGoh and I are looking for our next project using any subset of CLJ/CLJS/React/ReactNative/GraphQL/Da…
#clojure https://t.co/2NzYnBIx6r
nice example of #Clojure command aliases https://t.co/EoGyIjKHCR
#clojure for @vertx_project is super close! https://t.co/WPZsNJYOdH
Finished listening one of my favorite vegetarian #clojure podcasts on this planet during my Saturday workout (… https://t.co/44PFnvLbNC
Learning the basics of #Clojure today @SiiliSolutions #clojurebridge #siili_ https://t.co/T9nUTKgiaS
Using private jars in Clojure #Clojure #leiningen #Java https://t.co/8INPIuFQFS
Pyro stacktraces "booster pack" release v0.1.0 https://t.co/o9yOP5c8Wp #Clojure #Programming https://t.co/W9UgyR3bi0
RT @malweene: Putting the F in FaaS: Functional Composition in a Serverless World - by @trieloff at #JeffConfHamburg #sketchnotes #clojure…
RT @amarjeet000: LightTable Roadmap: https://t.co/lO7ivdwcds #LightTable #Clojure #ClojureScript
RT @_ayato_p: 最近、Integrant追いかけてるので、ちょっとした新機能を紹介しておく #clojure https://t.co/G6QmKdrkSA
RT @_ayato_p: 最近、Integrant追いかけてるので、ちょっとした新機能を紹介しておく #clojure https://t.co/G6QmKdrkSA

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

Providing parentheses to NYC since 2002