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ylecun: RT @benedictevans: I see a UK newspaper lobby group has a paper claiming that Google and Meta make money from links to news websites, and s…
Eitaro Fukamachi: Woo: a high-performance Common Lisp web server
vindarel: Video: Create a Common Lisp project from scratch with our project generator
Didier Verna: Declt 4.0 beta 1 "William Riker" is released
Show HN: Monolith – A stylish and functional computer frame
Nicolas Hafner: Polish of the game and polish conference - May Kandria Update
cgrand: Only two tickets left for the earliest "ClojureDart ❤️ Flutter" workshop. https://t.co/3FN0lZG7En
Patrick Stein: Making Sudoku Diagrams in Lisp
LispNyc: Check out this opportunity to work through Lisp in Small Pieces, along with @chrishouser! https://t.co/8cAO1uL0Yo
luismbo: Do you like to TRACE things? In the upcoming SBCL 2.2.5, you can now TRACE local functions (FLET/LABELS), macros, c… https://t.co/pkf02JEu6P
Patrick Stein: DRAW v0.2.20220430
jackrusher: RT @kommen: After ~5 years of relying on Spacemacs (and a good experience with it) I finally felt comfortable enough and built my own Emacs…
vindarel: Writing an interactive web app in Common Lisp: Hunchentoot then CLOG
papers_we_love: Jim Benvenuto on Metaobject Protocols Why We Want Them And What Else They Can Do - originally posted on Oct 3, 2015… https://t.co/RdOAeWNnnY
lisperati: Artistic movies typically have an ambiguous ending open to multiple interpretations Ambiguous endings typically:
reddit_lisp: #lisp ELisp: Lambdas with limited closures? | https://t.co/gyG4mfRds7
reddit_lisp: #Clojure How to get auto-animate working with re-frame / reagent | https://t.co/VEqP4tOGtF
reddit_lisp: #lisp NASA Programmer Remembers Debugging Lisp in Deep Space | https://t.co/bZ2zrDNfZ2
stylewarning: functional programming experts will see this code and roast me
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Java Hashtable, HashMap, ConcurrentHashMap – Performance impact | https://t.co/Sx7mMddXep
TurtleWare: Multipass Translator for CLIM
LispNyc: Encouraging you to check out @pierredelacaze’s session on recommender systems. https://t.co/eHK250W5fI
TurtleWare: Implementing a simpleminded REPL from scratch
LispNyc: Join us on Tuesday (April 12) for our next social event. https://t.co/XqawlkSn3k
#Clojure Stuck on Joy of Clojure 16.2 | https://t.co/oFJ50s94md
Сьогодні вирішив спробувати пописати щось на #clojure. Та й години 2, розбирався як запустити веб сервер й ще десь… https://t.co/tqXxn2ITUx
I am switching to #clojure
#Clojure eighttrigrams/defn-over-http: Allows for Clojure backend functions to be called by ClojureScript frontend… https://t.co/tQ6gAlaA2r
Joy rekindled. #Clojure
#Clojure A Clojure(Script) library for unified responses | https://t.co/YfguKVjQ3k

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