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TurtleWare: Buffering Output
Joe Marshall: Observationally Functional
Tim Bradshaw: Simple logging in Common Lisp
ylecun: RT @gary_shiu: We are excited to resume Physics ∩ ML after the summer break with a talk this week by François Charton (Meta) @f_charton @M…
Tim Bradshaw: Metatronic macros
ylecun: RT @fb_engineering: Don't forget to join Meta AI engineers at AI@scale tomorrow - Sept. 28 ➡️ @ylecun, Ludovic Hauduc, Kaushik Veeraragh…
Nicolas Hafner: Kandria enters beta - September Kandria Update
Joe Marshall: Playing with raycasting
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Centering text in Clojure | https://t.co/DVuWibzjHH
reddit_lisp: #Common_Lisp easy-macros: An easy way to write 90% of your macros | https://t.co/NO7hRzDVOc
fare: This weekend on the road, there was some metal junk on the highway, seemingly part of RV ladder fallen after a coll… https://t.co/kKRndceMkF
reddit_lisp: #Common_Lisp fiveam-matchers: An extensible, composable matchers library for FiveAM | https://t.co/1j4SuvqQLo
planetclojure: Staff Engineer at OneStudyTeam (by @nonrecursive) https://t.co/CBhViSEzDD
planetclojure: Senior Software Engineer (Clojure Developer) at symplr (by @nonrecursive) https://t.co/mCWFmy8tj8
Joe Marshall: Drawing a circle
vindarel: Lisp for the web: deploying with Systemd, gotchas and solutions
React c'est trop mainstream. #clojure
#Clojure I built my startup on 100% Clojure and ClojureScript | https://t.co/K1lOnKqYmv
RT @LispDiscussions: Issue for week 39/2022 is out https://t.co/ifGoD3IgV3 Subscribe by going to https://t.co/LrvoNqJC9W #clojure #lis…
#Clojure Data-recur meeting 3: Meander -- summary & video | https://t.co/T8CZ5qJ0GZ
https://t.co/LLuSFFEUKw #Clojure #Programming
A complete #Lisp Interpreter that runs on lambda calculus Amazing stuff! https://t.co/PLBOdogNUN
#lisp CLOS did it better. https://t.co/o4TMvhGF2Q
Quick let-go hack tonight: go blocks & channels a'la #clojure core.async https://t.co/PThzkJVzJd
Вивчаю #clojure , цікава мова, сподіваюсь що буде у майбутньому зможу попрацювати у проді з нею https://t.co/53obexNkNQ
#Clojure Got bitten by Clojure bug this weekend | https://t.co/6Z8PnIyonZ
RT @LispDiscussions: Emacs-like editors written in Common Lisp https://t.co/A1JPDncK4L Discussions: https://t.co/2ppPpLbMM4 #lisp #progr…
Emacs-like editors written in Common Lisp https://t.co/A1JPDncK4L Discussions: https://t.co/2ppPpLbMM4 #lisp #programming
Having done bad stuff with #Clojure in my previous blog post, here is my penance: https://t.co/OxMO9NhCie
I've put a new video on scripting and live-coding Ableton Live in Scheme Lisp with Scheme for Max:… https://t.co/meAFJ4RRBy

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