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otfrom: RT @lexi_lambda: Can you say TYPECLASSES? :D https://t.co/jKBtoHdVlM
stuarthalloway: how are people using #clojure #spec to improve tooling?
Quicklisp news: May 2017 Quicklisp dist update now available
Patrick Stein: Fog of Light - Getting Underway
Lispjobs: Linux systems engineer with Common Lisp experience, m-creations, Mainz, Germany
Zach Beane: Common Lisp Standard Draft
Teslabot – AI chatbot for your Tesla Model S / X
Simple Ain't Easy, but Hard Ain't Simple: Leaving Clojure for Ruby
stuarthalloway: Thanks to the following people for making #clojure #docs better! https://t.co/tJNVXOUzeM
otfrom: RT @yogthos: @cemerick @phillmv I definitely agree with the idea that Clojure tooling could be a lot friendlier. Figwheel is a good example…
François-René Rideau: Design at the confluence of programming languages and build systems
reddit_lisp: #Common_Lisp https://t.co/Ous3yXmzZg down? | https://t.co/FjIZaX46ss
seancorfield: RT @parakkum: 2nd try - two tickets to give away to see @amandapalmer in SF tonight. Want someone to get to use them! Reply if interested.
otfrom: RT @lambdaisland: Getting intimately familiar with your tools is like acquiring a superpower https://t.co/2AqLn7jCBz
bodil: I wonder if it's time to urgently step up my timetable for getting the hell out of Brexit Britain. https://t.co/T7EQG9HuW8
jneira: RT @greeneyed_dlj: I just published “Spring Boot, MyBatis, multiple datasources and multiple mappers, all together holding hands” https://t…
cemerick: @SeanTAllen really, the fight was started years ago. In some ways, what's being critiqued here is what got Clojure to where it is today.
McCLIM: Progress report #7
Vsevolod Dyomkin: Pretty-Printing Trees
As it is often the case: "Data certainly beats code in this instance" - https://t.co/YB7Isv9khJ #Clojure
Want to finally learn and work with #Clojure? Here's a chance to join this NYC team - https://t.co/qhtlTZ2PQB
Senior Software Engineer @braintree Chicago IL https://t.co/MA8a0TEM8C #Clojure #Java #QA
#Clojure interested folks in The Netherlands: @amsclj will be meeting again tomorrow night.
My talk at @CodementorIO A Practical Introduction to Functional Programming #javascript #clojure and #ruby… https://t.co/VT4qhZoSW1
Did an AWS Lambda with Clojure that let's me know, when to go out kiteboarding: https://t.co/aMEcdAIyeY #aws #lambda #clojure #kiteboarding
#Clojure static site generator made with Macchiato | https://t.co/JUdnPej2pn
Speaking Data: Simple, #FunctionalProgramming with #Clojure, Paul deGrandis https://t.co/rwLBhX53Jc by @ohpauleez via #ACMLearning
#clojure は色んな型が使えて便利ーと思っていたけど、assocにlistを渡そうとして落ちた。良し悪しか。
RT @ClojureAtSO: #clojure #clojure.spec https://t.co/rWeiT5qwNT
#clojure #clojure.spec https://t.co/rWeiT5qwNT

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