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ylecun: A series of AI announcements by Meta: - MTIA v1: an AI chip for fast inference: https://t.co/akQ67IOELa - RSC: 5 ex… https://t.co/v2ZtgcvNqz
ylecun: RT @MetaAI: Just announced! Join live us on May 18th for #AtScaleMetaAI, a one-day virtual event sharing a look at the next generation of…
Thomas Fitzsimmons: ulisp-repl
Joe Marshall: Lisp Essential, But Not Required
Nicolas Martyanoff: Reduce vs fold in Common Lisp
vindarel: Pretty GUIs now: nodgui comes with a pre-installed nice looking theme
Joe Marshall: Raymarching in Lisp
Stelian Ionescu: Bordeaux Threads APIv2
vindarel: Pretty GUI in Common Lisp with nodgui's Tk themes
LispNyc: Check out @heowbert’s @clojure_conj talk, “Unmanned Systems Flight Planning with Clojure”. https://t.co/YYCDJoBTSg
hoffmang: RT @NFTr_pro: Future-proofing NFTs CHIP-0015 enhances the interoperability, composability, and functional capacity of NFTs, by establishin…
rvirding: RT @ErlangSolutions: The second instalment of @loreniuxmr’s blog series is live Dive into what concurrency means to Elixir and Erlang and…
rvirding: RT @loreniuxmr: Finally haha. Here is the second chapter of the #Elixir introductory series, this one is about #processes and #concurrency,…
perrymetzger: RT @mattpovey: GPT4 cannot summarize the proposed EU regulation of AI because robots.txt. Trivially worked-around but amusing. https://t.co…
vindarel: i18n in my Lisp web app with Djula templates and gettext
InformIT: RT @UsmanSattarMD: Finally got my copy of the most anticipated #AI book of the year “The AI Revolution in Medicine: GPT-4 and Beyond” by @…
Tim Bradshaw: A horrible solution
stylewarning: Should a (not purely) functional programming language in 2023 have its default/obvious sequence type be a persistent data structure?
Tim Bradshaw: Two sides to hygiene
LispNyc: We’re excited to share that version 100 of the MIT Lisp Machine software has been recovered! https://t.co/YCO5arQ6LT
Datomic 1.0.6733 now available! https://t.co/7bjP0qSOUL #Datomic #Clojure
Building a web editor for P5 but using ClojureScript! This is a really ugly proof of concept, but I'm really happy… https://t.co/Y3aSW2aL67
Faltam 4 alunos para alcançar 200 pessoas no meu curso de Clojure e Programação Funcional na Udemy! #Clojure… https://t.co/qWD0Ae9gpm
#clojure https://t.co/5aBr4E7H6O
Apparently they are using #babashka and #cljKondo at Docker :-) https://t.co/gzP8CDjwMG #clojure… https://t.co/aY1fXFnUUG
#vector #collections #clojure https://t.co/WUyos8CnAl
#cljKondo 2023.05.18 released ✨! #clojure https://t.co/8nJyBIMYZz
Gower Street Analytics is looking for: Senior Engineer (3-4 day/week) #RemoteWork https://t.co/Y2UOJroqMH #clojure #remote #hiring
Looking for top Clojure developers and consultants? Clojure Factory has a global network of Clojure experts ready… https://t.co/BNrf2R8tHd
#functional-programming #clojure #rules #rule-engine https://t.co/XLBtqlAUF4

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