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chia_project: Registration for the Chialisp developer challenge powered by Clovyr is now open! Full details on the challenge, Cl… https://t.co/jUkE0fSti3
NBA Metaverse Partner Terminates Relationship, Threatens Reporters Covering Deal
Bad Emacs Advice
ylecun: RT @MetaAI: PyTorch is five years old this week! How did it get to where it is today? Here's @schrep, @ylecun, @soumithchintala and Lin Qia…
Lispegistus: RT @bryancsk: I'm still in mild awe that this tiny thing can replicate nucleic acid bits and test for specific ones. It's the size of a pag…
Daily Step Count and All-Cause Mortality: A Dose-Response Meta-analysis
p4bl0: RT @tisse_ma: @p4bl0 @pandovstrochnis @UnionSolidaires a fait plein de fiches très biens pour mieux connaître ses droits. Il y a celle-ci s…
Eitaro Fukamachi: Day 4: Roswell: How to make Roswell scripts faster
lisperati: FYI for anyone looking for a paperback edition of "Land of Lisp" and having trouble: Looks like my publisher is bei… https://t.co/cuMe3Q4M3l
Michał Herda: The mystery of :UNINTERN
reddit_lisp: #Common_Lisp Forever Stable Branch | https://t.co/uj9Gfb5Vhg
reddit_lisp: #lisp What are some more "engineering" applications of Lisps | https://t.co/IoZSm330p6
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Notes on Optimizing Clojure Code: Overview | https://t.co/S1U0RoXg6s
ajlopez: The latest The Artificial intelligence Daily! https://t.co/71AS4FMK9K #ai #machinelearning
bhurt42: The advantage of doing this is that I can use the standard ifndef/define stunt to handle multiple inclusions, and I… https://t.co/MGGHJWGXFE
Lispegistus: In the future a human will be born from an artificial womb embedded in a giant robotic spider. The father will writ… https://t.co/uMxvSXndnS
#lisp #r7rs #Scheme Disassembly is a very useful feature of #Ol. Use ",disassembly" or ",dis" or just ",d" in Otus… https://t.co/vqo0zGovPY
Eric Timmons: CL Community(?) Norms
番外編.#EmacsLisp のデフォルトがダイナミックスコープ&Lisp-2であることくらいが特徴か. [#ASMR #Programming: Extra] Making a Tiny #LISP Interpreter i… https://t.co/dwS04ZRV0r
Westworld の某シーンでゲストが論理矛盾に気づいてしまう場面がある 旧型はLispかPrologか、あるいはその協調型で記述されていて、新型は別言語で構成されているのでは・・? と考えながら観ていたらその後のシーンが全て吹… https://t.co/TRskHZ34Xn
Stfu thank god! Much love as always @borkdude yo da man!!! #clojure #jetbrains https://t.co/7juxQQuclc
This product one-liner for Clojure feels done, how might it be focused further? #Clojure is a practical programmin… https://t.co/5Eo9du5SQq
Company I work for just got acquired! Yay! They like our business and our technology - which is based on #clojure a… https://t.co/WYiWYgpZOi
Remote Senior Clojure Engineer £40K - 70K About Us English Language iTutoring has developed online English langua… https://t.co/0uOpOgQ0jb
Build an automated language assessment ecosystem using Clojure and help English learners worldwide! Remote Senior… https://t.co/sw0OU0S7th
Clojure developers of all levels to support back end data processing pipelines and ClojureScript web ... Check out… https://t.co/dMTZPLAizu
Contribute to WorksHub/leona an open source project from WorksHub #clojure #enhancement #helpwanted #opensource https://t.co/dE6saStCug
Work is over for today! Investing some time on improving my #clojure skills! Playing with #re-frame.
@huima Destructuring in #Clojure is very powerful. One of my favorite features. I have it in my interactive tutoria… https://t.co/kNFDijK9Bx
Log performance details https://t.co/gDlgBlUgGe #github #Clojure #Shell #Java #JavaScript #Dockerfile #HTML

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

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