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Aug 13, 2019LispNYC Social
Jul 9, 2019LispNYC Summer Social
Jun 13, 2019Loren, Fischetti, Smyles: 3 Macros in 3 Lisps
May 14, 2019Hans Hübner: Reanimating VAX LISP
Apr 12, 2019Luther Johnson: MakerLisp
Mar 12, 2019LispNYC Social @ The Keg Room
Feb 12, 2019LispNYC Social
Jan 8, 2019( 2019 ...
Dec 3, 2018LispNYC's Happy Lispukkah!
Nov 7, 2018John Cowan: A Scheme Journey from Red to Tangerine and Beyond
Oct 9, 2018LispNYC: October Surprise
Sep 11, 2018LispNYC: Summer Recess Over!
Jun 12, 2018LispNYC Social @ Social
May 8, 2018Presenting Seed: A Metamorphic Software System by Andrew Sengul
Apr 10, 2018DefDoc: An extensible, dynamic document creation system by Rahul Jain
Mar 13, 2018LispNYC: Spring Social
Feb 13, 2018Kenny Tilton: Cells
Jan 9, 2018Brian Hurt: The Ultimate Object Oriented Language
Dec 12, 2017LispNYC's Merry Lispmas
Nov 14, 2017LispNYC Social
Oct 10, 2017LispNYC Monthly Meeting
Sep 12, 2017LispNYC's Last Day of Summer
Aug 8, 2017A Social Gathering of Minds
Jul 11, 2017A Functional Summer Blast
Jun 20, 2017Pierre de Lacaze on Deep Learning(video)
Jun 3, 2017ClojureBridge NYC 2017
May 9, 2017Raymond Puzio on Homotopy Type Theory
Apr 27, 2017An Evening with Peter Norvig(video)
Apr 11, 2017William E. Byrd on Synthesis of Lisp Programs
Mar 21, 2017Faré on First Class Implementations
Jan 30, 2017An Evening with Stephen Wolfram
Jan 12, 2017Ramsey Nasser on Magic(video)
Dec 13, 2016A Purely Functional Holiday Party
Nov 10, 2016Rich Hickey on clojure.spec(video)
Oct 20, 2016Andrew Sorensen on The Art and Science of Live Programming
Oct 11, 2016Jay Sulzberger on Lambda Equivalence(video)
Sep 20, 2016Pierre de Lacaze on Deep Reinforcement Learning(video)
Aug 18, 2016Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya on Erlang(video)
Jul 19, 2016A Socially Functional Summer Party
Jun 16, 2016Kovas Boguta on Deep Learning versus Cellular Automata: Reducing the Irreducible(video)
May 12, 2016Rebecca Passonneau on Natural Language Understanding(video)
Apr 14, 2016Dylan Butman on A Macro View of Macros(video)
Mar 15, 2016An Evening with Dan Friedman(video)
Feb 10, 2016François-René Rideau on Computing Systems vs. Computer Systems(video)
Jan 7, 2016Gerald Jay Sussman on Flexible Systems(video)
Dec 17, 2015The Lambda Party
Nov 10, 2015Stuart Sierra on Components
Oct 13, 2015Ryan Trinkle on Reflex(video)
Sep 8, 2015Alex Kehayias on Functional Game Engine Design(video)
Aug 11, 2015Christian Schafmeister on CLASP(video)
Jul 14, 2015(Lisp Interjectional Summer Party)
Jun 9, 2015Logic Programming by Pierre de Lacaze(video)
May 12, 2015Gershom Bazerman on "From Scheme to Dependent Type Theory in 100 Lines"(video)
Apr 14, 2015Monads Without Metaphors by Brian Hurt(video)
Mar 10, 2015Lou Thrall on Set Theory
Feb 10, 2015Brandon Bloom on Term Rewriting(video)
Jan 13, 2015Bob Coyne on WordsEye
Dec 1, 2014LispNYC Holiday Party / NYC Tech Meta-Party
Nov 25, 2014David Nolen on Clojure(video)
Oct 14, 2014François-René Rideau on From Creationism to Evolutionism in Computer Programming(video)
Sep 9, 2014Brian Hurt on Derivatives of Regular Expressions
Aug 12, 2014John Cowan on Comparators: A Dynamic Type Class for Scheme
Jul 8, 2014Lisp Invitational Summer Party
Jun 10, 2014Components in Clojure by Stuart Sierra(video)
May 13, 2014LispNYC Monthly Meeting
Apr 21, 2014A Work Reaction Calculator by Eric E. Moore
Mar 11, 2014Category Theory by Tom LaGatta(video)
Feb 11, 2014LispNYC Social
Jan 14, 2014LIL: Lisp Interface Library by François-René Rideau
Dec 9, 2013LispNYC Holiday Party
Nov 12, 2013Datomic by Rich Hickey(video)
Oct 8, 2013Lambda Calculus by Dustin Mulcahey(video)
Sep 10, 2013Erlang by Mahesh Paolini-Su​bramanya
Aug 13, 2013LOOM by Aysylu Biktimirova(video)
Jul 16, 2013Annual LispNYC BBQ
Jun 11, 2013Metaprogramming, Metaclasses and Metaobject Protocols by Raymond de Lacaze(video)
May 14, 2013LISP is Too Powerful by David Nolen
Apr 9, 2013Clojure West by Chris Shea
Mar 12, 2013Haskell Data Types in Scheme by Arthur Smyles(video)
Feb 12, 2013Type Systems with Brian Hurt(video)
Jan 8, 2013A Hyperreal Dictionary of Mathematics
Dec 11, 2012LispNYC Holiday Party
Nov 13, 2012Drew Krause: Introduction to Algorithmic Composition(video)
Oct 9, 2012Mining the Social Web(video)
Sep 11, 2012LispNYC Social Hour
Aug 14, 2012Ray's Rooftop Redux BBQ
Jul 10, 2012Knowledge Extraction(video)
Jun 12, 2012Rooftop Grilling with Ray - Rained out to Amsterdam Ale House
May 8, 2012LispNYC Social Hour
Apr 10, 2012Rocky Bernstein: Large Scale Software Development with Elisp
Mar 13, 2012Jay Sulzberger, The Experience(video)
Feb 14, 2012LispNYC Social Hour
Jan 10, 2012LispNYC Social Hour
Dec 13, 2011Holiday Party!
Nov 8, 2011Scott Ostler on Dump.fm(video)
Oct 11, 2011LispNYC Social Hour(s)
Sep 13, 2011What's new in R7RS with John Cowan(video)
Aug 9, 2011Stuart Sierra - The Expression Problem
Jul 12, 2011LispNYC Social Hour(s)
Jun 14, 2011Summer Social at the Manhattan Sailing Club
May 10, 2011LispNYC Monthly Meeting
Apr 12, 2011LispNYC April Meeting
Mar 8, 2011LispNYC March Meeting
Feb 8, 2011Word's Eye: Converting Simple English Into 3D Scenes(video)
Jan 11, 2011Presentation on Pharen, a Lisp to PHP Compiler
Dec 14, 2010LispNYC Holiday Party - 2010

LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

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